If you are interested in organizing a team building event in the Escape-Zone Berlin, don't hesitate to contact us! Send us your wishes and we'll send a customized offer for you!

Consider Escape-Zone as your next team building activity!

To make your choice easier we have gathered the most important information below:

Escape-Zone is a creative, interactive and exciting team building activity full of problem-solving challenges. There is no outside involvement, nor tricky instructors to influence the game. Deciding on how best to approach the project as well as assigning the roles and responsibilities of the individual members is entirely up to the team. Team members will have to take the initiative, but also work closely together.

The team enters the room of their choice and the door closes. Once inside, the clock starts ticking and the team has 60 minutes to complete their mission and escape. The group will have to examine the room in detail, use their logic and creativity to discover hidden objects, solve riddles and crack codes. With each puzzle solved, the team gets a step closer to accomplishing their mission. The players have to communicate, cooperate and coordinate their search effectively to escape before the time is up.

Useful information

Our capacity:

2 - 6 people can play in 1 escape room. We have 2 escape rooms 1 for 5 and 1 for 6 people so 2 - 11 people can play in one timeslot. One timeslot is ca. 90 minutes.

Basic event:

- arrival

- short introduction to the game and the rules

- game (max 60 min.)

- discuss the experieces

Our basic offering:

2 - 6 people:

- 1 group tries one of the escape rooms in 1 timeslot, cca. 90 minutes

- 1 group tries 2 escape rooms in 2 timeslot, ca. 180 minutes

7 - 11 people:

- 2 groups try one escape room in 1 timeslot, ca 90 minutes (every group tries one of the rooms)

7 – 10 people:

- 2 groups try 2 escape rooms in 2 timeslots, ca. 180 minutes (every group tries 2 rooms)

10 - 20 people:

In the first timeslot half of the party plays both escape rooms. The rest of the people are waiting in our lounge area. While the first half is playing we can organize a quiz, or something to eat and drink for the rest of the people. In the second timeslot the second half of the party will play, and the others will wait, play the quiz or have something to eat.

Special wishes

Our events can be customized and we’ll do our best to make the most of your team building event.

We can tailor the timeslots and games to your preferences and arrange catering (with cold or warm dishes), or a quiz as well.